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Today I tell you about Gaming Guruji 5 Points to Know before you start writing a blog!! As we all know How writing a blog has become a profession rather than passion these days because bloggers are earning hefty amount by publishing advertisement in their blogs.
Gaming guruji 5 points writing a blog

Gaming Guruji's 5 Points to know before you start writing a blog :

1. If you have passion for writing , you can also publish a blog like Gaming Guruji Gaming Blog and later can earn money from your blog,not only this, you will be known by world once your blog gets good traffic and google ranking.

2. Google blogger and wordpress are two platforms for writing blogs and publishing. But wordpress works better when you buy a good hosting and install wordpress while Google blogger is a free platform for writing blogs and it takes lot of hard work and luck to get traffic and ranking.

As you would not like to invest if you are just starting so Gaming Guruji will always advice you to go with by blogger like gamingtubez blog.

3. Everyday millions of people write blogs and publish them because of easy access to many tools and internet technology which makes it quite easier for all bloggers from writing blogs to SEO and publishing them easily from smartphones and P.C.

4. Remember it sounds quite easy to write a blog, of course it is ! But when it comes to traffic , it is a very big deal unless you have written something very unique,informative or entertaining. But don't loose hope make all efforts like Gaming Guruji has made and one day you will get everything from fame to money.

5. With the new technology and lots of tools available either free of cost or paid, SEO is not that difficult in wordpress blog. Wordpress gives you many plugins to help you from writing blogs to grow your blog taffic and customizing your blog.

With the self hosted wordpress website, you need to take care of everything by yourself from security to legal formalities.

So these are Gaming Guruji's 5 points before you start writing a blog either for money or fame but whatever you do, give your 100% and never loose hope.
Hope is a good thing even the Best thing.

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